Susanna Cereda, MA


Schwerpunkte und Interessen 

Microarchaeology; Near Eastern Prehistory; Geoarchaeology; Built space; Tell sites formation processes; Spatial analyses; Archaeological sciences


Ausführliche Informationen

PhD Project "What's under the carpet? – Lived spaces and live residues. The integration of microarchaeological methodologies for a definition of spaces at Arslantepe (Malatya,Turkey)" 


Curriculum Vitae


since 2015 PhD candidate in Prehistory and Historical Archaeology at the University of Vienna.
2014-2015 Visiting student at the “Charles McBurney” laboratory of the University of Cambridge, from October to March.

M.A. in Archaeology (curriculum in Near Eastern Prehistory) at “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

2007-2011 B.A. in Archaeological Sciences (curriculum in Near Eastern Prehistory) at “La Sapienza” University of Rome

Professional Experience

since 2015 University assistant (prae-doc) at the Institut für Urgeschichte und Historische Archäologie (Vienna, Austria).  
2015 Field archaeologist for the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (United Kingdom), from April to October.
since 2015 Technical collaboration with the “Iraqi-Italian Mission at Abu Tbeirah” for micro-residue analyses at the site of Abu Tbeirah (Nasiriyah, Iraq).
since 2012 Technical collaboration in the Arslantepe Archaeological Project of the “Missione Archeologica Italiana in Anatolia Orientale” (MAIAO) for microarchaeological analyses.
since 2008 Participation to excavations in Italy and Turkey.



Cereda, S. and Romano, L. (in press): “Peering into the Dusty Corners: Micro-Debris Analysis and Use of Space at the Site of Abu Tbeirah (Nasiriyah, Iraq)

Cereda, S. 2011: ”L'uso del sigillo nell'Alta Mesopotamia e nell'Anatolia Sud-Orientale: trasformazioni tra il IV e il III millennio a.C.”, B.A. Dissertation



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